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Smoked Bratwurst

2 lbs Each

In the Palmaz family we have a saying, “A family that grills together, lives well together.” Sunday Asados are a tradition for us, and they always start with a grilled sausage, breads and various condiments. In Argentina its called “Choripan”, its a smash-up word of chorizo and pan, or sausage and bread. So when we started processing our own Wagyu beef we immediately began developing a signature smoked sausage for our table. After two years of delicious research, we found an artisan smokehouse on the Mendocino coast of California that specializes in small batch authentic smoked and cured meats. There they take our steak timings and turn them into an all-natural, nitrate free, 100% beef smoked sausage with no additional fat added. We hope you enjoy these lovely links as much as we do – Happy Grilling!

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