Why You Should Jump On The Bone Broth Trend

10/25/2021 7:02:13 PM


Written by Jessica Palmaz | October, 2021

As summer fades, we lean into the warmth of our kitchens and recipes that can take an edge off the chill. Soups, stews, and braises—we fall back on all kinds of comfort dishes here at Palmaz—but nothing is more comforting than the sound of a stock pot simmering.

The buzziest of stocks, bone broth, is one of our go to’s as soon as the weather turns. Bone broth is everywhere; you’ve likely seen shelves of it in a grocery store; but nothing beats a pot of bone broth from scratch. 

Many praises are sung about this elixir. It’s often drunk religiously to benefit digestion, fight inflammation, and improve joint health. We use our Genesee Valley Ranch wagyu soup bones for the ideal bone broth, because our 100% grass-fed wagyu gives the broth an extra boost of nutrition. These bones are richer in a laundry list of nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, beta carotene, and a type of healthy fat (conjugated linoleic acids) that help treat inflammation and actually aids weight loss.

To make our broth, please reference our recipe here

Before you begin, here are some tried and true tips for the perfect pot of Bone Broth (more tips can be found in this Bon Appétit article)

1. Roast your bones! Roasting your bones caramelizes them and deepens the flavor of your broth. 

2. You can keep it simple: our recipe calls for basic additions. Don’t fear simple ingredients, our Wagyu bones add enough complex flavor.   

3. Don’t be afraid of a thick consistency when your stock cools. Great soup bones are high in collagen and make a stock that thickens to a gelatin-like viscosity at room temperature. You’ve done it right!