Your membership to Brasas At the Table includes a special gift.

Upon celebrating each anniversary of membership, active members receive a hand-crafted Facon knife as an appreciation of their year with the Brasas Club.

We at Palmaz are immensely proud of our Argentine heritage. We weave this cultural legacy into our food, our architecture, Brasas At the Table events, and our overall ethos. Perhaps no greater symbol of our homeland exists than that of the gaucho cowboys who roamed wide-open Argentine pampas.

The most revered of gaucho traditions is the Facón knife—a personal steak knife used for Asados. This cherished, artisanally handcrafted tool is gifted to all our members on the one-year anniversary of their membership. We welcome you to bring it with you to our next winery event.

Facon Images

Facon Images

Why the Penny?
When members receive their Facòn they are given a penny. It is considered a bad omen to receive a knife as a gift as it may sever our friendship — and we value our friendship with you! The tradition is to always return the penny to the gift giver.

Drop the penny in the mail to us or bring it to the winery at a tasting or Brasas event.

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