Brasas At the Table is founded on a families passion for gathering around the table. Each meal is an opportunity to share, uplift, and support each other. What is being served at the table sets the tone for the gathering. When that meal features ingredients that are of exquisite quality then the whole gathering is elevated. Brasas At the Table is dedicated to offering exceptional wine and ingredients made to the highest quality, produced with sustainable and conscientious methods so that your next gathering can be worthy of the honor and caring you wish to share with your family and friends.


The table is a sacred place in our homes. It’s where our bodies and souls are fed; its where stories are shared, major news is communicated, and where families and friends gather. In Latin American cultures the conversation at the table is so important that there is even a course dedicated to it. In Spanish, the conversation that happens after a good meal is so valued it has its own term the sobre mesa- that translates to the conversation over the table. In the English language their is not an equivalent term. Brasas At the Table is dedicated to brining the art of Sobre Mesa to the American table. With quality ingredients worthy of enticing friends and family to gather at the table, Brasas hopes that your table will soon be lively with conversation, friends and family.


Three generations of the Palmaz family live, work, and thrive together. The secret to their success is their table. Every day the family gathers together for a meal to share the happenings in their lives. Their mission is a dedication to each-other and the future generations of their family. Whose legacy is fulfilled through dedicated stewardship of their land and the production of products that celebrate the bounty of that land. Between a vineyard in Napa and a ranch in Plumas CA the family produces products from these exceptional places to entice your family to celebrate each other as the Palmaz family celebrates the opportunity to be together as well.

Ingredients with integrity

Preparing a meal to be shared is one of the simplest joys. Imbuing a dish with intention and care begins with ingredients produced with integrity. Every one of the Brasas At the Table products are produced with contentious attention and integrity. Beginning with a fundamental respect for the land and a respect for the welfare of the animals and people that care for them. These products are all produced with our values of care that you can pass on confidently to your table. Each of these delicious and indulgent products are not intended to be pragmatic basics but rather a celebration of exquisite quality to entice you to gather and celebrate with your friends and family at home.