Rib Cuts

The rib consists of all the rib bones of the cow as well as the associated muscle groups surrounding those bones. The cuts produced from the rib bones and immediately surrounding the bones are best used in slow braises or smoking where the connective tissue can be broken down. The larger muscles above the rib such as the ribeye are sufficiently tender to be prepared like a loin and are prized for their exceptional marbling.


Approx 2-3 lbs Each

This caveman-sized steak is the most coveted cut on the animal. A tomahawk steak is essentially a thick-cut bone-in ribeye with a rib handle.

$210  |  AVAILABLE

Rib Eye Cap Steak

2 pieces, Approx 8 oz each

This cut comes from the tender meat found above the ribs, this well marbled tender steak is perfect for a quick grill or week night pan seared steak for two.

$140  |  AVAILABLE

Tira de Asado

Approx 1.3 lbs

In Argentina the Tira de Asado is the highlight of the traditional Asado or BBQ. This is the gaucho’s version of the BBQ beef rib.


Short Loin Cuts

The short loin is one of the highest valued section of the cow. Is fine grained muscle fibers and moderate marbling yield a moist tender steak that can be prepared equally well on the grill or sautéed quickly. Steaks from this section tend to me milder in flavor and color compared to other cuts. Due to the moderate marveling, care should be taken not to over cook steaks from this section or they may become tough.

NY Strip Steak

2, 14 oz each

The strip steak is lean and fairly tender, because the muscle does little work. This is the ultimate steakhouse steak, perfect for classic seasonings as well as creative new ones.

$170  |  AVAILABLE

Tenderloin Cuts

This long fine grained and exceptionally tender grouping of mussels extends through the sirloin and the short loin. On average this section is the most valued on the cow due to the low yield. When fully trimmed the tenderloin is exactly what the name implies, a tender long loin that is the highlight of some of the finest steak dinners world wide.

Tenderloin Tails

1, 8 oz filet

The crown jewel of beef, the tenderloin sits beneath the ribs along the backbone and is prized for its fine grain, and tender bite. Also known as the Filet Mignon, these steaks come from the peeled tenderloin with the side chain removed and then cut into steaks.

$150  |  AVAILABLE

Tenderloin Filet

2, 8 oz filets

The crown jewel of beef, the tenderloin sits beneath the ribs along the backbone and is prized for its fine grain, and tender bite. Also known as the Filet Mignon, these steaks come from the peeled tenderloin with the side chain removed and then cut into steaks.

$150  |  AVAILABLE

Sirloin - Top Sirloin Cuts

The top sirloin is the group of muscles above the hip adjacent to the show loin. These cuts are mild in flavor, light colored, with fine muscle grain and little marbling. Due to their lower fat content these cuts are ideal for quick meals such as stir fries and pan searing.

Sirloin Tip Steak

2, 12 oz each

The word “sirloin” originates from the Middle French surlonge, with sur meaning “over” and longe meaning “loin.” Sliced from the top sirloin butt subprimal cut, these top sirloin steaks really are the jewel in the crown of the sirloin primal.


Stir Fry Strips

1/2” thick slices, 1 lb/pkg

Having a stash of good beef already cut for stir fries or stroganoffs is a great way to make a delicious dinner quickly.


Top Sirloin Steak

2, 8 oz each

Also called coulotte steak, the top sirloin steak is from the triangular muscle (biceps femoris) that crowns the top sirloin. Juicy, meaty, and tender, the sirloin cap really has everything you want in a steak.


Bottom Sirloin Cuts

The bottom sirloin is the lower posterior extension of the Short Loin that consists of some of the most valued grill selections for grilling throughout to the world. The cuts from this section are tender enough to grill, featuring juicy rich flavored, and contain moderate amounts of marbling. The only recommendation is to grill these cuts whole on low heat, allow ample time to rest after grilling and then serve thinly sliced across the grain.

Tri Tip

Approx 2 lb Each

Popularized in the in Central Valley of California, the Trip Tip became the corner stone to what is know as Santa Maria-style BBQ. When slow roasted to a medium to medium well, and sliced against the grain the trip tip becomes a star at the grill.



Approx 2 lbs Each

This is the most coveted cut among Brazilian Churascerias. This often overlooked cut in the US is a star on the grill. The thin fat cap on the top of this cut keeps it extra juicy on the grill.


Bavette Pinwheels

Approx 1.5-2 lb each

Trimmed and tied, these pinwheel rolls are ready for the grill or pan.


Chuck Cuts

This is the cluster of muscels that make up the front shoulder of the cow. These muscles are course grained, well marbled, rich, and flavorful. Steaks from this muscle group are best suited for braises where the connective tissue can gelatinize and the muscle fibers soften absorbing flavors from the brazing sauce.

Cross Rib Roast

Approx 2-3 lbs Each

If you’re looking for the perfect pot roast, look no further. The cross rib roast (like nearly all cuts from the chuck) are best when slow cooked to bring out its tenderness and rich, beefy flavor.

$130  |  AVAILABLE

Petit Tender

Approx .5 lb each

The petite tender is nicknamed butcher’s steak because it requires some skill to extract, and is (deservedly) popular among true beef aficionados. This lean, juicy cut looks like a small tenderloin, and tastes like one, too.


Zabuton Slices

1/4" slices, 1 lb package

Considered one of the most coveted pieces of Wagyu beef in Japan. “Zabuton” means cushion in Japanese referencing the small square cushion shape of this cut. This tender and well marbled cut is traditionally served in soups or on a hibachi or hot salt block and served with an assortment of dipping sauces.


Chuck Tender

Approx 2 lb Each

Chuck tenders (a.k.a. mock tenders, or calachel in kosher butcher shops) are best for for shredded beef recipes, braising for family roasts. Don’t be fooled with its tenderloin shape, this is not a searing steak.


Flat Iron Steak

2, Approx 6 oz each

Grilled or pan seared quickly and served simply this cut is a quick and delicious dinner that will deliver the perfect setting to open a worthy bottle of hearty Cabernet Sauvignon.


Braising Steaks

4 steaks, Approx 8 oz. each

Cut from the head of the ribeye in the animal’s shoulder area, chuck eye steaks are fast becoming the new hanger steak.Their rich, beefy flavor and moderate tenderness make a great substitute for ribeye at half the cost.


Stew Meat

1” cubes, 1 lbs/pkg

This is the most luxurious stew meat you will ever find — hand-cut from both the chuck and the loin for maximum flavor and tenderness.


Chuck Eye Steaks

2, 12 oz each

Cut from the head of the ribeye in the animal’s shoulder area, chuck eye steaks are fast becoming the new hanger steak.Their rich, beefy flavor and moderate tenderness make a great substitute for ribeye at half the cost.


Brisket Cuts

The brisket is the muscle group above the for shanks that carries much of the weight of the animal. The result is a distinctive long striated muscle fiber with moderate marbling and a prominent fat cap running along the chest area. The muscles from the area are prized for its performance in smoking and hence is the preferred melee group for Pastrami, and Texas-Style Smoked Beef BBQ.


Appox 2 lb Each

Our brisket is cut into a convenient 2-3 lb roast and trimmed with a thin fat cap perfect for curing, smoking or braising. Once you’ve decided what direction you want to take with your brisket- commit fully. Most recipes are time consuming, but the result in the end is always a delicious reward.


Flank Cuts

Located just below the Sirloin and Tenderloin, this section features a thin layer of large grained muscle fibers that are lean and very flavorful. A favored cut for quick grilling or pan searing, it is recommended to slice this cut into thin strips cross grained for the best bite. The flank is a highly sought after cut in Asian and Latin cuisine and just recently has come into vogue in the US.

Flank Steak

Approx 1 lb Each

This thin, fan-shaped cut yields a delicious steak that can be prepared quickly and stand up to strongly flavored marinades.


Skirt Steak

Approx 12 oz. each

Skirt Steak became the centerpiece of the Tex-Mex revolution. Prized for its rich flavor not its tenderness, this cut benefits from an acid based marinade, grilled and thinly sliced for Beef Fajita Tacos.


Inside Skirt

Approx 1 lbs each

Skirt Steak became the centerpiece of the Tex-Mex revolution. Prized for its rich flavor not its tenderness, this cut benefits from an acid based marinade, grilled and thinly sliced for Beef Fajita Tacos.

$40  |  OUT OF STOCK

Plate Cuts

The Plate extends from the dorsal side of the brisket to the belly. The muscles in the section are course grained thin muscles laminated with loose light colored fat thought out. The larger cuts from this section are primarily used for bacon and then some thinner steaks such as the inside and outside skirt are prized for quick grilling such as beef fajita.

Smoked Beef Bacon

1 lbs each

Just like traditional pork bacon, our smoked beef bacon is made from the belly of the animal. This thick cut bacon has less fat than the pork version, but just as much savory bacon flavor.

$30  |  OUT OF STOCK

Hanger Steak

Approx 4-6 oz each

When a cut is also called butcher’s steak because it’s prized by the person who can choose from the whole cow, you know it’s a steak to look forward to. Hanger steaks are known for their flavor — doubly so for those from our Wagyu herd!

$140  |  AVAILABLE

Bacon Ends and Pieces

Approx. 1 pound per package

These random cut pieces of the ends of the bacon slab are loaded with savory bacon flavor and perfect for dicing and preparing like pancetta in many dishes.


Round Cuts

The round is the collection of muscles on the hind quarter of the animal not including the sirloin and shank sections. Cuts from this section are generally very lean, fine grained and best suited for slow roasting. Ground beef derived from this section is considered of highest quality since is contains little connective tissue and very little marbling.

Ground Round

1 lbs Each

This lean fine ground beef made from the trimmings of the round or rump only. The meat cut from this primal is a lighter colored, mild flavored beef.


Bottom Round Cube Steak

2, 8oz each

This lean tenderized thin sliced steaks are a versatile cut for many popular dishes internationally such as Schnitzel in Germany, Southern Fried Chicken Fried Steak in the US, and Italian Milanese.

$40  |  OUT OF STOCK

Corned Beef

Approx 2 lbs Each

Cured from the Bottom Round for a lean and tender corned beef. Our seasoned and cured corned beef is ready to braise with vegetables of your choosing.

$85  |  OUT OF STOCK

London Broil

Approx. 2.2 pounds per package

Otherwise known as the top round or coulotte, the London Broil preparation method is common for thicker cuts of meat that do well with long marination times and quick grilling.


Ball Tip Roast

Approx 1.5 lbs each

The ball tip is found in the bottom sirloin, along with the tri-tip and flap. The ball tip is a cut that does well with cooking methods which provide extra tenderization.Think marinades or cooking with moist heat. If we are going to grill, we use a rub or marinade the ball tip steak, and slice thinly before serving.

$110  |  AVAILABLE

Eye of Round Roast

Approx 2 lbs Each

The most desirable of all the muscle groups in the round. The cylindrical “tenderloin shape” makes it the popular choice for roast beef and classic beef roast.

$130  |  AVAILABLE

Shank Cuts

The shank is separated into the fore and hind shanks and can be prepared either bone-in style or boneless. The cuts produced from this section are dark and rich in flavor. The presence of connective tissue and cartilage necessitates these cuts to be braised or utilized for broths. Once prepared the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and the resulting sauces or broths collagen rich.

Osso Buco

Approx. 16 oz each

These cross-cut beef shanks do a lot of work during the animal’s life, so they need long, moist cooking to get them tender and juicy. Enjoy them in long-simmered dishes like French pot au feu, or Italian osso buco (with Wagyu beef, you won’t miss the veal).


Marrow Bones

Approx 4 3”long pieces

Grass-fed beef bones have the best and most nutritious marrow, These 2 to 3” long center cut bones are perfect for restaurant quality presentations of one of the oldest gourmet delicacies.


Whole Animal Cuts

This section refers to the trimmings generated from cutting steaks through out the animal. These trimming are utilized for grinding into hamburger or sausage.

The Grill Collection

This selection of cuts includes all the grass-fed wagyu beef you'll need when firing up your grill!

$115  |  AVAILABLE

Hot Link Sausage

1.3 lbs Each

Made from our steak trimmings, these all-natural, nitrate free, beef and pork smoked sausages are a great addition to your grill or outdoor BBQ. This version contains a little extra spice, we hope you enjoy these lovely links as much as we do – Happy Grilling!


Bone Broth Kit

16 oz Boneless Shank, 5 lbs soup bones

Bone broth has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. Beside its health benefits, its also very comforting in the winter. The sound of a stock pot simmering is one of Florencia’s favorite sounds in winter.



1.3 lbs Each

In the Palmaz family we have a saying, “A family that grills together, lives well together.” Sunday Asados are a tradition for us, and they always start with a grilled sausage, breads and various condiments.


Ground Hamburger

1 lbs each

In the spirit of using the entirety of each cow, our hamburger is made of trimmings from the primal cuts that you receive in your Brasas Wagyu beef subscription.


Chili Ground Beef

1 lbs each

Chili ground beef is a technical term for beef steak trimmings that are passed through a 3/4 inch plate only once. We also prefer that most of our chili ground beef comes from the chuck where the richest flavored beef comes from.


All Beef Hot Dogs

1.3 lbs Each

Full of flavor, with the right amount of the healthy fats found in grass fed animals, our Wagyu hot dogs make for delicious and juicy grilled dogs. It’s perfect for weekend grilling and casual entertaining.