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Brined and Broiled
Slow Roasted

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Appox 2 lb Each

Our brisket is cut into a convenient 2-3 lb roast and trimmed with a thin fat cap perfect for curing, smoking or braising. It is cut from the pectoral muscles and is responsible for carrying almost 60% of the animals weight. As a result this cut of meat contains large amounts of marbling and connective tissue making this one of the tougher cuts of meat on the animal. The perfect smoked brisket has built Texas pit masters careers and launched NY delicatessens into cult status. The brisket has been the subject of many a debate among pit masters all over the world. When prepared well, this notoriously tough and labeled cut yields incredible dishes. Our recommendation is take your time, do your research. Once you’ve decided what direction you want to take with your brisket- commit fully. Most recipes are time consuming, but the result in the end is always a delicious reward.

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