Brasas At the Table is a celebration of exceptional products featuring two exceptional places in the world. Each location's environment from weather to land and even the teams that care for them, make them unique locations in the world to produce extraordinary ingredients for your table.

Genessee Valley Ranch

Grass Fed Prime Wagyu Beef — Plumas, CA

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains this high elevation valley features abundant grass, mild weather, and pristine water perfect for Prime Grass Fed Wagyu Beef.

The Ranch

Genesee Valley Ranch is located in the heart of legendary California gold country, surrounded by the Plumas National Forest This pristine and historic mountain ranch is the Napa Valley for exquisite grass fed beef. The abundant spring water, high elevation and protected valley produce extraordinary land to raise the world most prestigious cattle.

Grass-Fed Prime Wagyu

The heard at GVR is 100% purebred Black Wagyu beef, raised on organically grown grass pastures. The result is luxurious ultra marbled tender steak with the depth and richness that only grass fed beef can offer. The result is a balanced prime beef, bringing together the best of luxury and sustainability.

The Team

The ranching philosophies at GVR are centered around the tenet that great beef comes from well treated animals. Leading that vision is ranch manager Michelle Haskins. As a 5th generation rancher she has integrated a deep knowledge of ranching traditions with the latest understanding of sustainable land practices. She and her team of full time cowboys anticipate the needs of the animals in a holistic way rotating the fields the animals graze on to ensure both the land and the cattle benefit from a sustainable, environmentally sensitive management program.

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Palmaz Vineyards

Estate Grown Wines — Napa, CA

Deeply rooted in Napa Valley wine making history this family-run vineyard estate and winery cave combine tradition and technology to produce wines of distinction.

The Vineyard

At Palmaz, the focus is in farming the individual vine, not the vineyard. Tradition and technology seamlessly come together to give insights into the needs of each vine. While nothing replaces the knowledge gained from walking through the vineyard, personally touching each vine, technologies such as advanced Geographic Informational Systems (GIS) give the winemaking team an understanding of what vines need both above- and below-ground.

The Winery

The winery is built into an 18-story cavern in the flank of Mount George, providing it with not only all the benefits of gravity-flow winemaking but also the natural temperature control of a cave. By eliminating mechanical pumps from the winemaking process, gravity-flow design minimizes the turbulence that damages wines’ molecular structure.

The Team

Two generations of the Palmaz family have sought to bring innovation and invention to the ancient art of making wine. Their background in the sciences, passion for living life to the fullest and years of backbreaking work have resulted in a unique winery situated inside an 18-story cave that combines cutting-edge technology with a respect for winemaking tradition.

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To honor these extraordinary locations, the Palmaz family is dedicated to their sustainable stewardship so that generations to come may continue the tradition of caring for and providing great products from these lands.