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Sirloin - Top Sirloin

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Sirloin Tip Steak

2, 12 oz each

The word “sirloin” originates from the Middle French surlonge, with sur meaning “over” and longe meaning “loin.” Sliced from the top sirloin butt subprimal cut, these top sirloin steaks really are the jewel in the crown of the sirloin primal. These lean and naturally tender steaks cook incredibly quickly, so are fantastic broiled, grilled, or pan-fried whole with classic steak seasoning.They’re also ideal for stir-fry or kabobs with more exotic aromatics. Sirloin steak’s versatility is really limited only by the imagination, which is why they’re Florencia’s go-to for quick weeknight dinners at home. These suggested recipes bring the world to your table, one steak at a time.

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