Casual Staples

Perfect for stashing in the freezer for that last minute meal. These versatile selections will surprisingly become a weekly go to for a crowd pleasing meal. Whether it be your family’s meatloaf, or weekend burgers, these Grass-Fed Wagyu staples will elevate your culinary game.

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Ground Round

1 lbs Each

This lean fine ground beef made from the trimmings of the round or rump only. The meat cut from this primal is a lighter colored, mild flavored beef.


The Grill Collection

This selection of cuts includes all the grass-fed wagyu beef you'll need when firing up your grill!

$115  |  AVAILABLE

Ground Hamburger

1 lbs each

In the spirit of using the entirety of each cow, our hamburger is made of trimmings from the primal cuts that you receive in your Brasas Wagyu beef subscription.


Chili Ground Beef

1 lbs each

Chili ground beef is a technical term for beef steak trimmings that are passed through a 3/4 inch plate only once. We also prefer that most of our chili ground beef comes from the chuck where the richest flavored beef comes from.