Low and Slow

This collection features all the cuts that beg you to take your time. When braised in your favorite flavors these cuts become melt-in-your-mouth tender and the sauce rich and rewarding. The clean fat of grass-fed wagyu beef confers an exceptionally indulgent silky braise that will be surprisingly tender compared to traditionally raised beef.

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Appox 2 lb Each

Our brisket is cut into a convenient 2-3 lb roast and trimmed with a thin fat cap perfect for curing, smoking or braising. Once you’ve decided what direction you want to take with your brisket- commit fully. Most recipes are time consuming, but the result in the end is always a delicious reward.


Bone Broth Kit

16 oz Bonless shank, 5 lbs soup bones

Bone broth has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. Beside its health benefits, its also very comforting in the winter. The sound of a stock pot simmering is one of Florencia’s favorite sounds in winter.


Stew Meat

1” cubes, 1 lbs/pkg

This is the most luxurious stew meat you will ever find — hand-cut from both the chuck and the loin for maximum flavor and tenderness.


Osso Buco

2, 16 oz each

These cross-cut beef shanks do a lot of work during the animal’s life, so they need long, moist cooking to get them tender and juicy. Enjoy them in long-simmered dishes like French pot au feu, or Italian osso buco (with Wagyu beef, you won’t miss the veal).


Marrow Bones

Approx 6 3”long pieces

Grass-fed beef bones have the best and most nutritious marrow, These 2 to 3” long center cut bones are perfect for restaurant quality presentations of one of the oldest gourmet delicacies.


Chuck Eye Braising Steaks

2, 12 oz each

Cut from the head of the ribeye in the animal’s shoulder area, chuck eye steaks are fast becoming the new hanger steak.Their rich, beefy flavor and moderate tenderness make a great substitute for ribeye at half the cost.