Steakhouse Specials

Featuring the most highly sought after cuts served in the most luxurious steakhouses. These steaks epitomize the age old adage bigger is better. Indulgently thick cut, Prime grade Wagyu these luxurious steaks will be a celebrated centerpiece.

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Approx 2-3 lbs Each

This caveman-sized steak is the most coveted cut on the animal. A tomahawk steak is essentially a thick-cut bone-in ribeye with a rib handle.

$210  |  AVAILABLE

Rib Eye Cap Steak

2 pieces, Approx 8 oz each

This cut comes from the tender meat found above the ribs, this well marbled tender steak is perfect for a quick grill or week night pan seared steak for two.

$140  |  AVAILABLE

NY Strip Steak

2, 14 oz each

The strip steak is lean and fairly tender, because the muscle does little work. This is the ultimate steakhouse steak, perfect for classic seasonings as well as creative new ones.

$170  |  AVAILABLE

Tenderloin Filet

2, 8 oz filets

The crown jewel of beef, the tenderloin sits beneath the ribs along the backbone and is prized for its fine grain, and tender bite. Also known as the Filet Mignon, these steaks come from the peeled tenderloin with the side chain removed and then cut into steaks.

$150  |  AVAILABLE

Hanger Steak

Approx 4-6 oz each

When a cut is also called butcher’s steak because it’s prized by the person who can choose from the whole cow, you know it’s a steak to look forward to. Hanger steaks are known for their flavor — doubly so for those from our Wagyu herd!

$140  |  AVAILABLE