Grill Master

These cuts are begging for fire. They have been sought after by the world's greatest grill masters from the South American Asador, Texas Pit Master, or the Japanese Hibachi Master. These cuts sing in the presence of smoke and beg for you to try your hand at one of the most primal cooking methods.

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Flank Steak

Approx 1 lb Each

This thin, fan-shaped cut yields a delicious steak that can be prepared quickly and stand up to strongly flavored marinades.


Ground Round

1 lbs Each

This lean fine ground beef made from the trimmings of the round or rump only. The meat cut from this primal is a lighter colored, mild flavored beef.


The Grill Collection

This selection of cuts includes all the grass-fed wagyu beef you'll need when firing up your grill!

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Skirt Steak

Approx 12 oz. each

Skirt Steak became the centerpiece of the Tex-Mex revolution. Prized for its rich flavor not its tenderness, this cut benefits from an acid based marinade, grilled and thinly sliced for Beef Fajita Tacos.



Appox 2 lb Each

Our brisket is cut into a convenient 2-3 lb roast and trimmed with a thin fat cap perfect for curing, smoking or braising. Once you’ve decided what direction you want to take with your brisket- commit fully. Most recipes are time consuming, but the result in the end is always a delicious reward.


Tri Tip

Approx 2 lb Each

Popularized in the in Central Valley of California, the Trip Tip became the corner stone to what is know as Santa Maria-style BBQ. When slow roasted to a medium to medium well, and sliced against the grain the trip tip becomes a star at the grill.


Tira de Asado

Approx 1.3 lbs

In Argentina the Tira de Asado is the highlight of the traditional Asado or BBQ. This is the gaucho’s version of the BBQ beef rib.



Approx 2 lbs Each

This is the most coveted cut among Brazilian Churascerias. This often overlooked cut in the US is a star on the grill. The thin fat cap on the top of this cut keeps it extra juicy on the grill.