Brasas at the Table was established as a celebration of food, wine, and the people we share it with. Whether at OUR table or YOURs, our goal is to enjoy the culinary good-life! Our dedication to producing and offering only the highest quality ingredients has encouraged us to curate these seasonal wine and wagyu offerings; complete with Genesee Valley Ranch grass-fed wagyu, Palmaz Vineyards Cabernet and some extra goodies along the way. Check back as we continue to add more offerings - from OUR table to YOURs.

Wine & Wagyu featuring Truffles

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Enjoy at your table this seasonal offering of curated wine, wagyu and truffles.

View The Wine Stream Episode 28 where we talk about one of our favorite wine pairings - truffles! Decadent and luxurious, these flavorful little morsels add excitement and complexity to any food and wine pairing!

Wine & Wagyu featuring Truffles Offering
serves approx. 2 - 4 people and includes:
– Urbani Truffle Shaver
– Approx 2oz fresh Périgord Black Truffle
– Package of Chocolate Truffles 4 ea
– Bottle of 2013 Palmaz Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
– Bottle of Muscat 2015 (from the wine library)
– Choice of our Genesee Valley Ranch Wagyu beef*
* Price varies with choice of cut

Tomahawk ($560), NY Strip ($525), or Tenderloin Filets ($500)
Price is shipping inclusive.

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