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Palmaz Vineyards Florencia Muscat Spritzer

By Florencia Palmaz | June 2022

Our Seasonal Florencia Muscat Spritzer is one of our current pairings for our Terrace Tastings at the winery. Bright and citrusy, grounded by rosemary, this is the ultimate refresher! You will quickly find it to be your new summer staple. Take fresh, seasonal ingredients and uplift them with our versatile Florencia Muscat and you have a very impressive cocktail on your hands.

Wagyu Elevates Ordinary Steak To Something Sublime

Feast and Field | May 2022

Written by Amy Lynch | ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Literally translating to “Japanese cow,” wagyu beef derived from native Asian cattle is a treat for discerning carnivores thanks to its exquisite texture and flavor.

ICONIC: Setting Down Roots

Written by Elyse Glickman | ICONIC LIFE | MAY 2022

Napa Valley is known for idyllic conditions. It will forever be associated with rolling terrain, mild year-round temperatures and a home-grown wine and artisanal food scene with an international reputation.

Brasas and the Genesee Valley Ranch Journey

By Christian Palmaz | May 2022

Our Brasas members only receive the best possible ingredients: meticulously crafted Napa Valley wine from Palmaz Vineyards and 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef from Genesee Valley Ranch.

Set into the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Genesee Valley Ranch is comprised of lush pastures and pristine grassland. It’s a bucolic image from a distance, but downright gorgeous up close.

Pairing 2018 Brasas Cabernet with Puchero

By Palmaz Vineyards | March 2022

Puchero is a delicious stew—one of our family-favorite Argentine comfort dishes. The Spanish word, Puchero technically means “earthenware pot”, though the word really illustrates whatever stewpot or vessel you end up cooking your Puchero in. It’s one of those dishes that has a wonderful amalgamation of flavors, starting with a rich base of wagyu brisket, tira de asado, chorizo, and morcilla. We serve it whole, like a pot roast, with veggies and broth on the side. We recommend pairing this flavorful meal with a flavorful, bold wine like our 2018 Brasas Cabernet.

The Wine Stream – Ep 29 – Sushi Pairings & White Wine

The Wine Stream – Sushi Pairings & White Wine

Episode 29 | Mar 2, 2022

This month on The Wine Stream, it’s all about the Palmaz portfolio of white wines!  Our Brasas members are receiving the 2020 vintages now and we can’t wait to talk about them!  The only thing we love more than a new wine release is talking about its food complement so we’ll be chatting with Beverage Manager and Sommelier of Nobu, Thuy Hong to get her take on some spectacular pairings.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

The Wine Stream – Ep 28 – Pairing Truffles & Wine

The Wine Stream – Pairing Truffles & Wine

Episode 28 | Feb 2, 2022

The Wine Stream is back and we are so excited! For our first episode of 2022, we’re talking about one of our favorite wine pairings—truffles! Decadent and luxurious, these flavorful little morsels add excitement and complexity to any food and wine pairing! With us this month is our guest star Maria Finn and her amazing truffle hunting dog Flora Jayne (check out their site below).

Tasting With Truffles

By Florencia Palmaz | February 2022

Cabernet and Truffles – Tricky bedfellows that spark magic when paired well. 

As a vintner and a chef, it is my pleasure to share unexpected pairings featuring beautiful ingredients and the library of our wines. This winter I have been enchanted with fresh, black Périgord Truffles—and yes, I’ve fallen in love with the unconventional pairing of Truffles and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Traditional Sommelier training would never imagine pairing fresh back truffles with Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. It is generally believed that the deep earthy aromas of truffles are best highlighted with wines that mirror such earthy (almost funky) undertones, like Barolo or a library vintage of Burgundy. Thankfully the mysteries of Napa are great. With all its varied microclimates and soil types you can find a vintage and a vineyard that pairs well with almost any season’s treasured ingredients.

Perfect Pairings for the Gaston Cabernet

By Palmaz Vineyards | December 2021

The Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon is not always available in the tasting room due to its small production and limited release. When it’s present, though, it always steals the show.

Twenty Years of Harvest and Over Twenty Years of Technological Innovation

Written by Palmaz Vineyards | December 2021

To celebrate our 20th harvest this year, we’re exploring the last 20 years of farming innovation at Palmaz Vineyards with co-founder Christian Palmaz.

Since 1997, Palmaz Vineyards has pursued the marriage of innovation with the art of winemaking—starting with its eighteen-story subterranean winery carved into the side of Mount George. The engineering of “The Cave” was a feat unto itself, resulting in a structure unique even among gravity flow wineries. While The Cave is a technological marvel hidden in plain sight; it’s still just the tip of the iceberg, especially when it comes to farming.